Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

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About The Sharing Circle

During this call, you may choose to share anything from your meditation goals for the upcoming month to an insight about you grief journey. This can be as simple as saying "I plan to check in with my breath twice a day," or "I plan to thank myself each time I am kind to myself." Small steps make big results! You may also use this time to ask the group for well wishes, or extra support.

Master Class Themes

Master Classes are typically held on the 1st Tuesday of the month from 7:00 - 8:00 PM EST. Each month will explore a theme from Mindfulness & Grief, as well as other relevant or seasonal topics.

NOVEMBER: Grief During the Holidays: Navigating a Season of ExpectationsCreate a season of meaning and connection while consciously choosing what traditions to keep, create, change, or let go.

DECEMBER: Silence is Golden: Creating the Space You Need to Thrive. Explore the power of silence in practice and daily life as you learn to savor things small and large.

JANUARY: Who Am I Now? will help you to rewrite your post-loss narrative and tap into the power of meaning-making in spite of uncertainty and change.

FEBRUARY: Perpetual Mindfulness: Practicing Beyond Grief. Develop a relationship with your practice so that you can live your life with equanimity and transcend common “practice pitfalls.”

MARCH: Living with Intention: Tapping Into Your Deepest Longing. Take the first step towards receiving what you need and letting go of what no longer serves you.

APRIL: Conscious Relaxation: How to Care for Your Grieving Body. Release tension and steady your mind during uncertain times.

MAY: Mindful Awareness: How to Find Refuge in the Present Moment. Use your breath and body as your safe harbor when you are overwhelmed or unsteadied by grief.

JUNE: Self-Compassion: Applying The Oxygen Mask To Yourself. Become your own best friend using the three principles of self-compassion.

JULY: Compassion and Forgiveness: Attending to Grief with Loving-Kindness. Learn how to open a closed heart and engage the healing power of loving-kindness for others.

AUGUST: Skillful Courage: The Dance of Strength and Vulnerability. Take control of what feels like an uncontrollable dance of grief as you move back and forth between hope and despair.

SEPTEMBER: Getting Unstuck: Tending to the Five Mental Hindrances. Meet resistance with curiosity and transform barriers into opportunities for personal growth and awakening.

OCTOBER: Meaning Reconstruction: Learning to Live After Loss. Honor your loved one’s legacy while creating your own life’s journey and rebuilding your assumptive world.