How Are You Coping With Grief?

The Grief Coping Skills worksheet is included in your Week 1 Workbook. It is also available for download below.

When we are grieving we tend to lean on the coping mechanisms that have worked for us in the past. Some may be healthy, while others may cause us harm. It can be difficult to admit to our unhealthy behaviors because it may provoke a sense of shame, or because we may not be ready to let go of the behavior.

For this exercise, see if you can be honest with yourself without beating yourself up, and instead use this as an empowering action. Congratulate yourself for the healthy coping behaviors you engage in, and bring some curiosity to those you do not feel are healthy. What would happen if you could release them, or replace them with something else?

Find a quiet place to fill out this worksheet, where you won't be disturbed. Be sure to indicate if you want to Keep a behavior, Watch it to see if it really serves you or not, or Replace it with something else.

Grief Coping Mechanism Worksheet.pdf