Relaxation Meditation #1: Three Part Breath

Three Part Breath

Grief can make us feel like we have lost our ability to breathe. You may even feel like if you could take a deep breath, you will be overwhelmed with emotions. It is as if by holding onto our breath, we think we are armoring ourselves against more pain. This often results in physical tension, and can even impact our health and our mood.

Your breath can actually be a safe harbor - a place to rest your attention when you feel overwhelmed. Mindful breathing will also help your body help itself - as well as your emotions.

Listen to the Three Part Breath Introduction for instructions, and then use the Three Part Breath Practice once a day to help you tune into your breath, body, and ultimately your spirit. This is a radical act of self-compassion that will help temper anxiety and release physical and emotional tension.

This exercise can be found on page 27 in Mindfulness & Grief.

Three Part Breath Introduction

Three Part Breath Practice