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Naturally we want to help our loved ones when they are hurting, but how? By giving them the support and love they need.

By giving the gift of the Meditation for Grief Course & Community Forum, you will be giving the gift of grief support, and help your loved take the first step towards assimilating grief into their life after loss. This course will help your loved one ease their pain through step-by-step instruction and compassionate guidance.

Your loved one will receive full access to:

  • Instructional Videos to Explain Key Concepts
  • Guided Meditations to Help You Relax, Process Emotions, and Retune
  • Mindful Journaling Prompts that Allow You To Express Your Feelings
  • Community Forum Where You Can Share, Ask, and Receive Feedback
  • Helpful Workbooks to Keep You On Track and Focused
  • Optional 8-Week Meditation for Grief Support Group, Offered After You Enroll In This Program

Along-side other like minded people, they will learn how to cope with the pain of loss and eventually re-engage with the "new normal" of life after loss.

They Will Learn How To Cope With Life After Loss At Their Own Pace

Grief can not be rushed, and there is no set time-frame. This self-paced program provides relief and insight into the physical, emotional, and spiritual experience of grief. The meditation and journaling practices will help your loved one emerge on the other side of loss with a new appreciation for life, stronger spiritual insight, and a deeper connection to yourself and others. This is known as posttraumatic growth.

Share Your Experience With Others, And Receive Support from Heather, In The Meditation for Grief Community Forum

This program includes a community forum, where your loved one can post your questions and share their experiences with other participants. Heather will read and reply to their posts, offering insight and validation, while answering their questions, so they can get the most out of this program.

No Experience Necessary

Previous meditation or writing experience is not required to benefit from this program. Most participants report feeling a release of physical tension either during or just after the very first relaxation exercise. By the end of the program, the majority of participants feel they are not only more able to cope with grief-related stress and anxiety, but they are better equipped to cope with life in general.

Before this course I was having anxiety and depression. The weekly practice was powerful, but integrating my practice into my daily life was especially helpful. I am calmer now. Even when I focus on my grief, it doesn't seem as overwhelming.

- C.B.


Class Curriculum

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Your Instructor

Heather Stang, MA, C-IAYT
Heather Stang, MA, C-IAYT

Heather is the author of Mindfulness & Grief, the host of the Mindfulness & Grief Podcast, and a contributor to Techniques of Grief Therapy: Assessment & Intervention, edited by the esteemed grief therapist Dr. Bob Neimeyer. Heather is on the Advisory Board for T*A*P*S (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors of Military Loss), and contributes to T*A*P*S Magazine.

Heather holds a Master's Degree in Thanatology, which is the study of Death, Dying, and Bereavement, from Hood College. She is an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, and holds three certificates from the Phoenix Rising Yoga School of Yoga Therapy, in yoga therapy, therapeutic yoga teacher training, and group facilitation. She is also registered through Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher-200 hours.

Heather discovered yoga and mindfulness while she was the CEO of a web development company and diagnosed with a stress-related illness. These contemplative practices inspired her to live a life in service to others, and she became a suicide/crisis hotline call specialist in honor of her uncle who died by suicide when Heather was a child. Heather has led workshops for organizations including Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), National Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation, National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization, and the Association of Death Education and Counseling.

She is the founder of the Frederick Meditation Center in Maryland, where she has a private practice, and offers supportive articles and guided meditations at

This course reminded me of how powerful the breath can be in experiencing the here & now, and letting go of what we cannot change.... the past. It helped me get out of my head and back into my body. It helped me improve my awareness of deeply held beliefs that I could benefit from examining. It is a step towards healing my grief.

- L.M.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I purchase this as a gift, how does the recipient get notified?
Once you purchase a course gift certificate, you will be prompted to enter delivery information. We will send the coupon code either to you or the gift recipient - your choice - via email within 24 hours.
Who is this course for?
If you have experienced the death of someone you loved, and feel you are ready to engage in grief-work. If you are not sure if this course is right for you, please Contact Heather and she can help you make a wise choice. (
When does the program start and finish?
You will have instant access to all of the course material, including instructional videos, guided meditations, and the interactive comments section where you can share and ask questions. There is no hurry to complete this program, as you will have access to all the content for many years to come!
Who is this course NOT good for?
This course is designed specifically for grief associated with the death of a loved one. It is not suitable for relationship loss or divorce. If you have a psychiatric diagnosis that includes psychosis such as hallucinations or active flashbacks, meditation may exacerbate your suffering. Please clear this program with your mental health provider before continuing.
Do I need the Mindfulness & Grief book?
This course is designed so that you do not have to have the book, but it makes a nice companion! It is available on as a Kindle or Paperback. (
What if I have never meditated before?
This course is designed for everyone - regardless of mediation experience. In fact, most people who join this class in person have never meditated before either. This is the perfect time to learn!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 120 days and we will give you a full, hassle-free refund.
What if I don't want to join a grief group?
You can sign up for the "Content Only" portion of the course, which will give you access to the video instruction, guided meditations, and journaling prompts. You will also be able to ask questions, share your experience, and receive guidance from Heather via the comments section.

This course provided me with much more growth opportunity than I expected. I am living more fully, breathing more deeply, and I have a better awareness of myself. I am truly grateful.

- A.R.

Grief is a natural reaction to losing someone you love; a deep pain that none of us are inoculated against.More than likely you are reading this because you are suffering, and are in need of support.

You may have conflicting feelings about taking this step. There may be a part of you that is ready to begin to relinquish the pain of your loss, while another part may fear that this work is too painful, requires energy you don’t have, or that you will be asked to “get over” or “forget” the person you are missing. It is important to know that receiving support does not mean that you will be asked to let go of the memory of the person that you cared for, deny that you are in pain, or that your grief is unhealthy.

I know that this is not a journey that you have chosen to embark upon, and I trust that you will join this program only when you are ready to let go of the suffering and reengage with life after loss.

You may feel like relief is 10,000 miles away, and you are traveling on foot. My mission is to help you take the first step on the path by providing you with emotional, physical and spiritual support.

There are many ways that this program will help. You will experience a relief of physical symptoms through conscious relaxation. Your body is undergoing extreme stress, and mindfulness-based practices will help your body move back towards health and homeostasis. Many people report physical relief after the first exercise!

You will be able to calm your mind as well. Seem impossible? Time tested meditation techniques can help you focus and even regulate your emotions.

And you will develop self-compassion: the ability to recognize that this human experience is fraught with ups and downs, but you too deserve to be happy, and safe, and free from suffering.

Finally, you will connect with your own inner wisdom surrounding your loss, rather that conform to a set of “shoulds” or follow an imaginary “grief timeline.” Ultimately you will finish this course with countless tools to help you not only cope with grief, but reconnect with yourself and live fully once again.

I wish you well on your path to healing.

With Lovingkindness & Gratitude,

P.S. If you have any questions about the course, please contact me or call 240-397-8080.

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